Sports Massage

Asian woman are relaxing shoulder massage in the Spa Salon. Thai massage for health. Select focus hand of masseuse
hands massaging athlete's thigh after running
Young man enjoying in relaxing moments of a massage at health spa.

What is Sports Massage

Sports massage is a form of massage for participants in sport, or other physical health activities eg yoga or tai chi .

Sports massage has three basic forms...


Pre-event Sports Massage stimulates the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles, will reduce muscle tension and loosens the muscles. This in turn produces a feeling of psychological readiness for the event.


Post-event Sports Massage assists in reducing any swelling and loosens tired muscles and stiffness is greatly reduced. Lactic acid build up is reduced and tired muscles are rejuvenated.

Advanced (muscle group specific)

Advanced Sports Massage is done on a regular basis as part of exercise programs, or if someone is wanting massage done to a specific area of the body. By increasing the flow of blood and nutrients to the muscles, it will keep the muscles loose and healthy, while increasing flexibility and range of motion.

Benefits of Sports Massage

  • Prevents injuries
  • Prepares the body for physical activities
  • Keeps the body in optimal condition
  • Aids in recovering from workouts and injuries a lot quicker