Close-up Of A Physiotherapist Massaging Palm Of A Man

What is Reflexology?

Originally known as Reflex Zone Therapy, Reflexology is a holistic healing method which involves pressure and massage of the reflex points found in the feet and hands. The word "reflex" means "involuntary muscle contraction due to external stimulus".

The reflexors, found on the soles of our feet and palms of our hands, act as small "mirrors" reflecting the whole organism (body). Reflexologists use this as  map to determine where they should apply pressure.

Life force circulates between the organs of the body and permeates all living cells and tissue.

If the life force or energy becomes blocked in a part of the body, the blockage is reflected on our hands and feet, as crystalline build up, gritty areas and even as painful areas. Reflexology aims to keep the body's life force flowing through the body, keeping it balanced and healthy.

By using specific thumb, finger, and hand massage techniques, energy is sent flowing through a person’s body until it reaches the area in need of healing, removing blockages. The energy flows freely and the body is returned to harmony.

Benefits of Reflexology

Benefits are:

  • Balance the body's physical, emotional and mental levels
  • Boost lymphatic system and immune systems
  • Stimulates the nervous system
  • Restores an overall sense of wellbeing
  • Promotes a deep state of relaxation to kick start the healing process